Counsellors and campers alike love tuck!


All the counsellors at Camp Ke-Mon-Oya are selected according to the specifications of the camp director. Counsellors must display responsibility and strong leadership skills, as well as a love for children and a passion for Christ. Patience and enthusiasm are other qualities that the counsellors possess. Most of the counsellors at Camp Ke-Mon-Oya are senior high school or university students and have many years of camp experience.

Senior Staff

Mr. Garrett Brinkman (Duct Tape) is the camp director for the upcoming summer. He is responsible for staff employment, the chapel program, camper registration, and the overall operation of the camp. A program director is employed every year as well as a Leader-In-Training director. The program director is in charge of arranging the day-to-day schedule, while the L.I.T. director trains and works with the Leaders-In-Training.

L.I.T. Program

Camp Ke-Mon-Oya runs a Leader-In-Training program during the weeks of kid's camp (July) for teenagers who are entering Grade 11. This program is free and allows teens to learn how to be a Christian leader along with how to be a counsellor. They are given the opportunity to interact with the campers and observe the counsellors in action as part of their training.
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