Our Organization

Camp Ke-Mon-Oya is owned and operated by North Toronto Christian School.

North Toronto Christian School (NTCS) is a non-profit and co-educational Christian elementary and high school, not affiliated with any specific church or denomination. The school is located in North York at Sheppard Avenue and Highway 404 and has been operating since 1981; it runs the camp program during the summer and its own outdoor education program for its students during the fall and winter. You can visit the school website for more information about our organization.

Counselors Outside a Cabin

Our Philosophy

We believe that young people can experience God's presence in their life by interacting with His creation.

By going to camp, children and teenagers can hear God's message in a powerful and personal way. They have the opportunity to spend focused time learning about God and having conversations with other young people about their faith. In the camp environment, they are exposed to the wonders of God's creation. Participating in the camp program also allows campers to develop social skills and strong character. They are encouraged to make new friends, cooperate in group activities, and challenge themselves by learning new skills.

Ultimately, we believe that even one week at camp is a transformative experience for young people. By hearing God's Word in new ways, starting a personal relationship with Jesus, or making lifelong friends, campers and staff alike are changed by participating in the program together.

Camp Dining Hall

Our History

Camp Ke-Mon-Oya has been operating summer programming since 1996.

In 1995, North Toronto Christian School purchased the camp property from a Christian ministry. After a year of repairs and upgrades to the core facilities like the cabins, dining hall, and barn, the school began camp operations during the summer of 1996. Shortly afterwards, it started its outdoor education program as well.

Since the mid-90's, our camp program has expanded significantly to where it is today. We operate for five full weeks in the summer and a month in both the fall and the winter. Our facilities now include more cabins, a new tuck shop and pavilion, and improved waterfront and recreational equipment. Throughout these changes, the spirit and philosophy of the camp has remained steadfast, and we continue to be committed to serving God through our ministry and work.