Property and Facilities

Camp Ke-Mon-Oya is located on Chandos Lake near Apsley, Ontario.

Our camp property is on Chandos Lake just outside of the town of Apsley, Ontario. Apsley is 65 km north of Peterborough and 45 km south of Bancroft along Highway #28. For a more specific location, the camp can be found on Google Maps at this link.

Camp Ke-Mon-Oya includes an array of recreational facilities that we use for our activities, games, and free time. Campers enjoy a large field, a volleyball court, a tetherball post, a hockey and basketball court, and a frisbee golf course. We also have a beach, docks, and a diving tower on the waterfront which are a short walk from the centre of the camp property. Our program makes good use of our waterfront for swimming, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, windsurfing, and sailing! Also, campfires are held twice a week around the outdoor fire pit.

The dining hall is the central building on the camp property and is where all the meals are served. The auditorium (referred to as the barn), another main building, is used for chapel services and indoor games on rainy days. Campers buy their tuck every day at the tuck shop and take showers during the week in the two shower houses.


The campsite has eleven sleeping cabins. The six upper cabins -- Swallow, Oriole, Cardinal, Finch, Vireo, and Chickadee -- have a main room with four bunk beds to accomodate eight campers and a smaller room with one bunk bed for the counsellor. These cabins also contain a washroom, table, and shelves. The five lower cabins -- Fox, Beaver, Raccoon, Squirrel, and Chipmunk -- contain one main room with four bunk beds, a table, and shelves. There are several smaller cabins which accommodate our additional staff members.


Each week, we run an exciting, varied camp program for campers to enjoy.

The program at Camp Ke-Mon-Oya aims to balance the social, physical, educational, and spiritual aspects of camp life. To this aim, we have several core elements to our camp program that you can learn about below.

Camper Swimming
Free Swim

Free swim takes place during the afternoon in Chandos Lake. Campers are given free rein of the swimming area, the beach, and the diving tower under the supervision of lifeguards and counsellors. There is a swimming evaluation held to determine the swimming level of each camper, and lifejackets are available for those who need them. Occasionally, campers are also given the option to use the kayaks, canoes, and windsurfers during free swim.

Playing Sports

Activities are an important part of camp, and campers can choose two major activities that they will participate in throughout the week. We offer kayaking, canoeing, swimming, wilderness, arts & crafts, photography, sports, drama, and archery as core activities. Four additional activities are offered exclusively at Teen Camp: windsurfing, sailing, rowing, and woodworking. These are an opportunity for campers to learn and enjoy a new skill.

Staff Members Canoeing
Canoe Trips

Canoe trips are organized on the weekends for teen campers who are interested in spending two days with other campers and counsellors, participating in various activities: exploring the wilderness, learning valuable skills, enjoying the outdoors, and having fun! Basic swimming and canoeing skills are required. Canoe trips are not guaranteed and depend on numbers interested, a camper's skill level, and the weather forecast.

Playing a Wide Game
Wide Games

Every week, campers are divided into two teams, each choosing their own name and cheer and competing in daily wide games. Some popular ones are Capture the Flag, Flame Battlers, and Mission Impossible, which span the camp property and involve all campers.


On Monday and Thursday nights, the camp staff host a campfire night for the campers (weather permitting). Campers sing classic campfire songs, the staff put on humorous skits, the speaker for the week leads a short devotional and, of course, we have s'mores!

Speaker at Chapel
Chapel and Devotions

Chapel is held twice a day at camp. Praise songs are led by counsellors and there is a speaker to talk to the campers about God and His Word. Cabin devotions, which take place after lunch, allow campers to learn about God directly from their counsellor and cabinmates.